MAC OS Catalina Permission Denied

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Postby gjuliao1984 » 14. May 2020 03:24


In all tutorials it seems that easy to change the root password by editing the file. In mac OS Catalina, its not allowed to edit and save the password. I have tried to edit on the terminal, grant access to the file, uninstall XAMPP, uninstall all mysql and hasnt been possible to gain access to phpmyadmin.

Please any help would be hugely appreciated.

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Re: MAC OS Catalina Permission Denied

Postby Porrita74 » 24. May 2020 00:16

I have the same problem, did you find a solution?
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Re: MAC OS Catalina Permission Denied

Postby Nobbie » 24. May 2020 10:03

Dont install the Xampp VM version, instead install the non VM version. The VM versions have an installer with approx. twice the size of the non VM installer. Download and install a non VM version, this installs into your /Application folder and you can modify files and rights as usual.
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