Apache Admin Function

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Apache Admin Function

Postby Viper75 » 25. June 2020 17:58

Hello friends,

I'me very new to Xampp, Apache, PHP. My project is to build a browser front end for a MS SQL Server backend. I have Xampp to test PHP functionality. I installed the PDO_SQL driver. The problem I see at this point is that when I click on the "Admin" button for Apache, I get "localhost" in the address bar, and "Index of" the "htdocs" folder...instead of the phpinfo that I see others getting on YouTube, which displays all kinds of useful information, including verification that the PDO_SQL driver file is loaded.

Appreciate the help.

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Re: Apache Admin Function

Postby Altrea » 26. June 2020 07:35

Did you start Apache successfully in your XAMPP control panel?
Did you change anything in the Configs like Ports etc.?
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