can't connect with Sequel Pro

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can't connect with Sequel Pro

Postby lauragyre » 21. May 2020 18:42

I'm starting an apache/SQL server on Catalina 10.15.3, latest version of XAMPP. When I try to access localhost with a browser, it says the connection is refused. If I use the IP address instead, I can see the sample site. Also, if I choose the port 8080 option, I can view the site there. But, I can't connect to any of these options using Sequel Pro ... IP address and default port fail immediately, but port 8080 thinks for a minute before timing out. Error message just says connection failed/timed out. Any clues?
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Re: can't connect with Sequel Pro

Postby Altrea » 21. May 2020 22:21

You need to map the port 3306 out of the VM like it is done for the port 80 in the network tab of your xampp control.

Is sequel pro compatible with Mariadb 10.4?
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