WordPress Took Over 382 Years to Build: get your copy today

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WordPress Took Over 382 Years to Build: get your copy today

Postby unleash_it » 18. May 2020 12:19

WordPress Took Over 382 Years to Build…- and gathers more and more interest globally

Obviously that isn’t true because WordPress started in 2003, and you know, computers haven’t existed that long.
It’s hard to tell just how many human hours it took to create the WordPress core, but that didn’t stop the people at Open Hub from trying.

According to Open Hub’s Project Cost Calculator, WordPress took an estimated effort of over 382 person-years. This is based off of 1,375,951 lines of code, with an estimated cost of over $21 million to fund a project of this size.


Codebase Size 1,375,951 lines
Estimated Effort 382 person-years
Estimated Cost $ 21,036,446 *

and yes: WordPress is *Still* Growing

The WordPress platform has evolved into a well-oiled machine thanks to the robust community. Local communities organize WordCamps for users of all skill levels.
So far there are 1,063 WordCamps, in 76 cities across the globe — mostly in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Italy, Mexico, and South Africa. Check the official WordCamp Schedule to find a meetup near you. Below are some fresh stats from the 2019 State of the Word slideshow :

277 Wordcamps took place in 41 hosting countries.
687 Meetup events took place.
WordPress.tv videos published increased by 26.7%.
Market share growth for WordPress continues to rise. Since 2016, it went from 58.8% to 61.8% as of November 2019.

see more interesting insights: https://www.whoishostingthis.com/compar ... ess/stats/

- mythical man month: Vom Mythos des Mann-Monats: Essays über Software-Engineering (The My-- thical Man-Month) Frederick P. Brooks
- see more interesting articles regarding the open source develpoment-model: https://flosshub.org/biblio
for Wordpress-development :: super toolkits a. http://wpgear.org/ :: and b. github.com/miziomon/awesome-wordpress
:: Awesome WordPress: A curated list of amazingly awesome WordPress resources, themes, plugins and shiny things.
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