Completely missing /Applications/XAMPP folder

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Completely missing /Applications/XAMPP folder

Postby ryanroga » 04. March 2020 02:50

After something weird happened with my install of XAMPP I tried the "uninstall" provided with XAMPP. I noticed after the uninstall that the XAMPP folder was still in my Applications folder. So, I deleted it.

I've tried numerous times, and even tried different with different versions, to reinstall XAMPP and while it seems to install (and appears to run just fine), I cannot for the life of me get back the XAMPP folder containing htdocs and more.

I've tried navigating to it in Finder and in Terminal. I even upgraded from 10.14 to 10.15 of OSX just to see if that made a difference, to no avail. To me this is absolutely baffling. I'm hoping to someone who actually knows what they're doing this is a quick fix.

My hope is that I can get back the /Applications/XAMPP so that I can once again access htdocs which I'm trying to use to build a Laravel project (I just started learning yesterday). If you have any advice on how I can get this back up and running so that I don't need to lug my PC to and from the office daily, that'd be great.
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Re: Completely missing /Applications/XAMPP folder

Postby Altrea » 04. March 2020 06:48

You need to download and install the installer version, NOT the VM version of XAMPP.
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Re: Completely missing /Applications/XAMPP folder

Postby Alex_567h4 » 23. March 2020 18:21

Altrea wrote:You need to download and install the installer version, NOT the VM version of XAMPP.

There is a more general problem here - an information problem. It is not obvious at all that there are two versions of XAMPP for macOS. The only "official" mention I could find is in the OS X FAQs ( and the OS X XAMPP-VM FAQs ( The download page ( makes absolutely no mention whatsoever! It is not clear at all which version is being downloaded. The vm version

Only after following the "More Downloads" link from the download page to, and navigating into a version folder, does is become clear, that there are two version.

There are probably many persons stumbling over this. They simply download from the download page, not ever realising that there is an installer version, until they run into problems while coding.
The vm version's GUI, application name and icon does not hint at the fact that it is the VM version.

Why not make the distinction on the download page already?
Btw, OS X has become macOS.
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Re: Completely missing /Applications/XAMPP folder

Postby Nobbie » 23. March 2020 21:51

Alex_567h4 wrote:Why not make the distinction on the download page already?
Btw, OS X has become macOS.

Clearly a very good question. To make things weird - Bitnami DID call the installers "blabla VM blabla" earlier, but decided to change that. Why ever - i dont understand. Even more - i do not understand the advantages of having a VM version (which lacks for all other OS), it only gives tons of confusion and problems. I do not recommend the VM version in any way.
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