When did you start using Linux-Systems and why you still do?

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When did you start using Linux-Systems and why you still do?

Postby unleash_it » 07. February 2020 15:50

I met Linux at the turn of the millennium. The first distro was a Suse /later OpenSuse that ran at a gateway to my workplace at that time. It was a tool for gaining experience. Only Suse was the name in 2000 or so. It was a very popular distribution in Germay.
I got to know Debian later. Then came some time with Ubuntu & Mint years ago, later last year Manjaro and Antergos. I heard about Antix at that time, and I thought it was promising, but I just got to the point of installing it on a regular machine - a little notebook that i bought from MEDION - a German Supermarket.

regarding Ubuntu: I must say, Mint and Ubuntu was quite very disappointing. Following friend's advice, I started with Ubuntu 10.04 in dual-boot with Windows. I also tried XFCE, KDE flavours..

MX is really one of the most impressing experiences:

When it to the terms of lightness, usabillity, speed, airiness i am convinced - Lightness and the ability to run it even on older machines - these are the words I first thought about MX Linux. I have several old notebooks on which MX Linux without systemd starts like lightning. Everything has what it takes, and developers have added some useful tools that aren't in other distributions.

note; I run Raspberry Pi and orange &/Banana Pi with Raspbian or Armbian Systems (that's another story).
and i have used various Linux LiveUSBs (x64 and i386) on various systems including various notebooks and older pc-systems.

whats your story !? :D
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