Win 10 PC too sluggish to use after having to force shut dow

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Win 10 PC too sluggish to use after having to force shut dow

Postby TokiyoRio » 10. September 2019 18:39

I forgot to turn off auto update and my pc restarted while i was using it because i’m not very smart. The update was going fine until the screen went black. It stayed that like that for a few days so i force shut it down by holding the power button. I attempted to update again and the same thing happened. I’m unsure what happened but after turning it on again the screen resolution was much lower and my pc would not display on my second monitor. I was able to log in but unable to run any applications as it was way too slow and froze periodically. The clock was constantly behind by a few minutes but i could still move the mouse. After much frustration, i was able to roll back the latest feature update but now i can’t even log in because it’s too slow, freezes often, and won’t shut down without me holding the power button. Any time i go to log in now, it just freezes when i click on the bar to type my password. I can’t even click on the shut down or restart button because it freezes then goes to a black screen. I just want my computer back, what can I do?
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