How to use Sequel Pro or MySQL Tools with Xampp-VM

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How to use Sequel Pro or MySQL Tools with Xampp-VM

Postby CarlosFreire » 09. July 2019 01:39

Hi everyone:
In the non-virtual machine versions of Xampp, it was very easy to connect to the local database with MySQL Tools or Sequel Pro, usually via socket, by the path: /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/var/mysql/mysql.sock

Already in the VM version ... nor by presidential decree.
The /lampp/etc/my.cnf file indicates the same socket connection by the path:

But it does not work.

Can anyone give an indication or do we only have to go back to the non-VM version?
Working only with phpMyAdmin? Speaks seriously...

Last but, another thing:

There's a topic right here in Apache Friends just about this "new" and incensed VM version of Xampp:
The problem is that nobody answers there, it's been a while.
Since October 22, 2018, to speak the truth.

Regards, Carlos
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