cannot start MySQL Service on Win10x64

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cannot start MySQL Service on Win10x64

Postby poykungz » 13. June 2019 02:59

MySQL error [mysql_error.log]

Code: Select all
2019-06-13  8:33:55 10052 [ERROR] mysqld.exe: Aria recovery failed. Please run aria_chk -r on all Aria tables and delete all aria_log.######## files
2019-06-13  8:33:55 10052 [ERROR] Plugin 'Aria' init function returned error.
2019-06-13  8:33:55 10052 [ERROR] Plugin 'Aria' registration as a STORAGE ENGINE failed.
2019-06-13  8:33:55 10052 [Note] Plugin 'FEEDBACK' is disabled.
2019-06-13  8:33:55 10052 [ERROR] Aria engine is not enabled or did not start. The Aria engine must be enabled to continue as mysqld was configured with --with-aria-tmp-tables
2019-06-13  8:33:55 10052 [ERROR] Aborting

try to re-install xampp, It's not work.
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