How to get PHP mailform to work

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How to get PHP mailform to work

Postby tomnuff » 19. August 2008 18:48

I have a mail form that has been created in flash. When you hit the submit button it recalls a PHP file i have in my htdocs folder in my xampp directory. I have not been able to get my mail form to work.

I need some help. I read some post about a file called php.ini. I know it resides in /xampp/apache/bin/ directory and I have changed an entry in there to point to my isp mail server like so

smtp_port = 25

Why can't I get my mailform.php file to make the php mail script work? Is there something else I'm missing. If i need to use the php.ini instead of the mailform.php file how do you do this? Please help.
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Postby glitzi85 » 20. August 2008 23:27


i guess this SMTP-Server need authentification for relaying mail. This is not possible in this way.

You have now the following options:

1) Use the Mercury Mailserver provided with XAMPP
2) Use a Socket-Based Mailer class to send mails via your Mailprovider
3) Use windows sendmail

Configuring Mercury is not easy for beginners, as it is with every Mailserver. Additional most public mailserver do not accept mail from other mailservers with a dynamic IP address. I would not go this way.
A php mailer class you can download there:
I never worked with windows sendmail, so i can not say if it is working or not. You will find it in the sendmail folder located inside the xampp folder.

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