XAMPP on vista with iis/mysql/php already installed

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XAMPP on vista with iis/mysql/php already installed

Postby Digital_Boy » 06. February 2008 17:14

Hi all,

Sorry for the dumb question, but can I install XAMPP on a vista notebook with iis/mysql/php already installed? If so, is there anything special I need to do so they don't conflict?

I really need an apache test environment but I don't want to create a big problem...

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Postby ridgewood » 16. February 2008 17:00

You will have to use alternative porting for XAMPP. Go to www.zedfiles.com/DTX/ and download the DTX-Launcher. There are instructions in the readme for the porting. Tested on Vista... not all flavors, but fine on Business Edition.
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Postby Digital_Boy » 16. February 2008 17:35

Thanks ridgewood,

I'll check it out.

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Postby Izzy » 17. February 2008 06:00

Digital_Boy wrote:Thanks ridgewood,

I'll check it out.


This forum, and of course member ridgewood, are not receiving much feedback from those members and guests who decide to give the DTX-Control a whirl - in fact I can't recall any feed back at all yet, either good or bad, about ridgewood's DTX-Control :(

Perhaps you DB, and others who read this thread, wouldn't mind posting back a report about how you found the DTX-Control helped, or otherwise, with any of your re-porting issues, or indeed any issues with the DTX-Control you may have come across.

Also, if you had any kind of suggestions to make about improving the DTX-Control - which may lead to future upgrades.

...and to help with identifying feedback for ridgewood, you may like to include DTX in the subject title - thanks.

As you may be aware, any and all feedback is always most welcome on the DTX-Control and, of course, anything and all things XAMPP, in these forums, as it gives volunteer contributing forum members some much needed incentive to continue to devote our valuable time and (perhaps limited) knowledge absolutely free. :)

Thank you very muchly one and all for any report contributions, no matter how small, that you may decide to make. :)

To download it click this link DTX-Control and this link for the DTX-Control Readme
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Postby klaskatt » 21. May 2008 13:16

i don't think you need that dtx program.

for a simple solution check my post from may 21st in this thread:
http://community.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopi ... 159#120159
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