Where is "XAMPP: Starting TEST-Plugin..." coming f

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Where is "XAMPP: Starting TEST-Plugin..." coming f

Postby obviousd » 30. April 2007 21:51

When I start up XAMPP, I see:
"XAMPP: Starting TEST-Plugin..."

Where is this plug-in, what is it for and how can I disable it?
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Postby Bobdude » 13. May 2007 21:49

i am wondering the same thing.. what is that test plugin?

i turned it off by opt/lampp/lampp stoptest

but would love to know how it got there in the first place, i didnt notice that before today

i use xampp on linux, i decided to install xampp because it saved me alot of time, but i use it as a public server on some busy sites, is there any issues or security holes that i should be aware of? could that test-plugin be malicius?
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