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Postby krelvinaz » 09. February 2007 05:17

I finally got a chance to load this on one of our servers to check it out.

I used a server which has multiple containers using Solaris 10 x86. I created its own container and installed it. The server is a DL360 G4 with 4 other containers already up and running on it. Runs very smooth.

The only real issues were with the download (using windows as an intermediate messes with the file) and the same issue that I had with using xampp security and its inability to change the "nobody" user password in the proftpd.conf file.

The assumption that tar is GNUtar was caught last time when I did the Sparc version. I think that the install script should specifically use gtar rather than assuming tar = gtar.

After turning off the default apache, ftp server it started right up without any noticeable website issues.

I copied over a couple of our in house PHP MySQL database apps and they had no issues.

I will be banging away at it a bit more as this release has some stuff in it that I was unable to build into my own distro. It will be very cool if they work for some of the tasks that I need to try.
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Postby fishnaldo » 11. April 2007 11:06

Could you possibly put a link to xampp-solaris-10-x86-0.9.sh up so I can try it. Having problems with Perl DBI,DBD with xampp 8
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