Can't install MySQL after Xampp removal.

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Can't install MySQL after Xampp removal.

Postby SebZ » 23. January 2007 10:43

I installed Xampp, but then removed it due to stability. It would crash, but the times that it wouldn't, I couldn't get access to http://localhost/ nor my IP address.

I went back to Apache, PHP and MySQL.
The installation of Apache and PHP went off without a hitch... but, MySQL just won't want to start!

I try:
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net start mysql

and it says
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The service started successfully.

So I go and try to shut it off:
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net stop mysql

and the weirdest thing comes up...
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The service hasn't been started!
Error 1006.

Huh! So it didn't want to start in the first place!

So now to 'remove' the service and try just allowing MySQL to add the basic data in... but hold on, what's this?
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mysqld-max-nt --console

and in return:
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070123 20:41:21 [ERROR] Can't find message file 'C:\Program Files\xampp\share\english\errmsg.sys'
070123 20:41:21 [ERROR] Aborting

I have removed all of the Xampp directory but what's going on?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Starting mysql

Postby nomadesign » 08. February 2007 20:09

You might try doing the following
Do a right click on Your Computer Icon.
Click on Manager. (this will bring up a window called Computer Manager
you should see two col. On the right column double-click Services and Applications.
Double-click on Services
You will see a list of items find mysql and do a right click on it. Select properties. Look for Startup Type under Path to executable:
You should see a pull-down menu select Automatic and click the Apply button.
Close all the windows.
Try restarting your computer or go back to the Control Panel and try start mysql.

good luck
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