Wishlist for future versions

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Wishlist for future versions

Postby mistermartin75 » 05. December 2006 09:16

I thought I could create a wishlist for future versions where people can put down their wishes.

Here are mine (for now):

- mbstring
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Postby jaco » 08. December 2006 04:09

I beg of you to add PDO MySQL... please :)
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 10. December 2006 03:01


PEAR should already be included.
For the rest, please file a request at http://bugs.xampp.org

Thanks for using XAMPP

Kristian Marcroft
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Kristian Marcroft
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Postby woodan » 16. July 2007 00:20

I'll second a request for PDO as I'm having no joy sorting it out any other way.
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Postby kimu » 24. July 2007 23:06

1 vote for mod_auth_mysql module for apache.
I've compiled it, but the it doesn't work and I haven't found any pre-compiled binary version.

I hope it will be part of future release.
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