Help. Won't install??

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Help. Won't install??

Postby inkthing » 14. November 2006 19:03

I have downloaded xampp and followed the on-line instructions. I doenloaded the .tar - which I can unzip and I get a folder 'xampp - macosx -0.5' - but there does not appear to be any pkg inside. The closest is a pkg config folder... but double clicking on that doesn't help. When I go to Terminal and type /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/mampp start - I am told 'no such file or directory' and there is no xampp in my applications folder. So I guess it is still sitting uninstalled on the desktop. Hmm... this isn't the 'simple, most practical and complete etc. ' that I expected.
Where do I go from here? Anyone have any ideas on how to install...?

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Postby dmuk » 25. November 2006 00:14

See topic "Can't install XAMPP for MacOSX 10.3.9 - Help!", which has the answer (and a link). It isn't copied here since the URL may change.

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