How can I assign a new IP address to my Apache server

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How can I assign a new IP address to my Apache server

Postby himanshu » 13. October 2006 17:22

I am using Apache server from Xampp, now i want to use different IP address for my apache server. i.e. Instead of using is default) i have to use another IP address eg.
I also want to make my Apache server public on my LAN so that other people on LAN can access my LAN site by just typing

Can any one tell me this in detail.
Thank you.(Danke!)
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Postby Wiedmann » 13. October 2006 17:29

If "" is the LAN ip of your pc, then there is nothing to do in the Apache config.
--> Apache is listening on all available ip's.

Maybe you must setup your firewall...
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