can someone help (mac os) blowfish problem

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can someone help (mac os) blowfish problem

Postby ced » 29. September 2006 16:50

after setting up xampp for mac os 10.4.7 i can get to all the info (ok) with no problem. when i setup the password for phpmyadmin i get a blowfish page. i have looked all over the net to fix the problem but no one has a direct fix for the problem. please help thank you
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Postby Kavita Pau » 06. October 2006 02:41

tom discussed this in the unmoderated topic forum yesterday...
Kavita Pau
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Postby desmund » 17. October 2006 12:39

Yeah, I'm having the same problem too...

For me, I went to:

and got the blow fish error message.

Anyone knows how to resolve this? Thanks!
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