problem after moving XAMPP

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problem after moving XAMPP

Postby killerwhale65 » 22. July 2006 16:27


I have moved the xamp folder to another location, and afterwards ran setup_xampp.bat. But when i start the apache service, and i go to http://localhost, the pages that are displayed are on the old location. The ones on the new location are not displayed. I tried to run setup.xampp.bat again, but it said "nothing to do". What can i do?


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Postby Izzy » 22. July 2006 23:36

I had a similar problem with having 2 instances of XAMPP on the one PC. Especially the XAMPP Control Panel, it seemed to not be able to define which instance it was supposed to be controling (as you have just found out). ;)

You should completely remove XAMPP at the old location and only have XAMPP at the new location then run your .bat file again. You can check your conf files that all paths have been changed to the new location of XAMPP and change those manually that still refer to the old location. Also select Settings... in the XAMPP Control Panel and make sure the path to services.exe is at the new location and if not then you will have to change it, close then reopen the XAMPP Control Panel and check the new path has been accepted.

Completely uninstalling XAMPP (after backing up your config files and your data (htdocs) directory) is the best way to go. Then reinstall (by following the proper install procedure, which you obviously know how-to do ;) ) at the new location replacing your backed up data/conf files.

Moving is fine also as long as you remember to remove completely all traces of the other instance of XAMPP including the entries in the registry if you installed from the exe file as opposed to just unpacking the zip file version. It seems that XAMPP or its parts get awfully confused if they have to handle more than one instance of themselves. ;)
HTH :)
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Postby killerwhale65 » 23. July 2006 16:08

ok thanks i will try that.
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