Sun ONE ASP 4.0

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Sun ONE ASP 4.0

Postby levik » 19. July 2006 20:20

Sun's ASP program will only work on Apache before 2.2, which version of XAMPP would be the most current before it included Apache 2.2? I'm wanting to run some asp pages not written in perl. Thanks!
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Postby WiseBuddha » 19. July 2006 22:25

Funnily enough I was also after the last none Apache 2.2 release allbeit for different reasons.

After some hunting I think 1.5.0 is the one we are looking for, which is available here ... e_id=89552

Package notes are here ... p_id=61776

1.5.2 seems to be the first release with Apache 2.2, however there is a 1.5.1 but this does not have any release notes and I dont fancy downloading and installing it to find out what version it has.

I just have one small problem now, the Xamp for Windows page says:

There is no upgrade available for this version because the security leak problems described by Thierry Zoller can not be solved.

Does anybody have any further information on that, I dont want to introduce a security hole by using an earlier version

BTW The reason I was looking for this is that I need to run Subversion under Windows and currently there is no WIN32 Subversion release that support Apache 2.2
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right version

Postby levik » 19. July 2006 23:33

Thanks, I had went ahead and installed 1.5.0 already, I wasn't sure about 1.5.1 either. So far its working for me, and Sun ONE ASP recognized it when I installe it so I'm hoping I can make my stuff work now. I had already set up and configured suite, it was annoying to find out that all the work I did to get apache::asp working was for not. Well, I did learn a lot I guess... This suite seems to have quite a bit more too it, hopefully the people in this forum will be just as helpfull to someone with no server experiance as the people at were. :P Just kidding, I've looked throught the forum, I can already tell I'll be able to get good help!
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