New phpMyAdmin Version 2.82

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New phpMyAdmin Version 2.82

Postby Izzy » 07. July 2006 05:42

phpMyAdmin 2.8.2 is released

Welcome to version 2.8.2 which fixes an XSS vulnerability and a few bugs.

Are there any known issues with XAMPP or mySQL if phpMyAdmin is upgraded by just simply overwriting files already installed?

Of course config files would have to be backed up and re configured in the new release if they are different.

Just wondered if anyone had upgraded before with a phpMyAdmin version not included with the XAMPP release and if they has any problems.

I can't see there being any issues unless XAMPP changed any files to suit their releases.

Thanks for any feed back on this.
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Postby Dave_L » 08. July 2006 23:23

I've upgraded phpMyAdmin several times without any adverse effects, other than bugs in phpMyAdmin itself. Just save your existing phpMyAdmin configuration file first. Actually, it's a good idea to backup the whole phpMyAdmin subdirectory first, so you can revert if there are problems.
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Postby Izzy » 09. July 2006 00:20

Thanks Dave.
Thankfully I did back up the directory, as 2.8.2 seems a bit buggy for me and did not load correctly. The logon screen loaded without frames and refused to take the user/pass. I am looking into this issue to find a solution as 2.8.2 has a vulnerability fix included.
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Postby Izzy » 15. July 2006 01:47

There are a few CSS bugs in phpMyAdmin 2.8.2.
The log-on screen shows an un-centered full screen width user/pass table/cell.

The theme drop box on the home page often shows only 1 theme name but repeats that theme name by a number of times governed by how ever many themes you have installed.

So if you have 4 themes installed it will show say the XAMPP theme 4 times in the drop box after selecting the XAMPP theme from the original 4 listed themes on subsequent loadings of the Home page. This may be browser related but I have tried it in Mozilla Suite, FireFox and Opera 9.

The upgrading of phpMyAdmin went without a hitch.
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