CGI Woes in Xampp

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CGI Woes in Xampp

Postby ronwcrockett » 10. July 2006 06:39

Just wondering if someone could look at this:

and let me know how I can fix these CGI scripts. or if this is the wrong board please point me in the right direction.

Thank You
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Postby Izzy » 10. July 2006 08:46

I get a page with 3 menu items.

On the first menu when I try and click the submit button I get a 500 error.
On the first line of your cgi script, called the shebang line, the path to perl looks like this:

You should change this line to the real path of your perl executable maybe for windows it should be like this:
or where ever you have the perl.exe file maybe here:

The second on submit an entry I get a 404 page not found error returned. This is a missing link when you click the submit button. Check the form submit button link.

The other item is a url entry facility to the guestbook I guess.
This has a permissions issue.
Set the directory and files to 755 on linux or on windows set them to writable, not readonly. In windows XP read only is usually the default.

Come back with actual error messages if you want more detailed answers. :)
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Postby ronwcrockett » 10. July 2006 09:30

Thnx Izzy
Will start with your suggestions and post back with the results
And thank you for such a promt reply

Changed up the "Shebangs" lines as you suggested and cleaned up the referring links on the indiviual pages..... and all is well
Thnx Izzy
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