Comprehensive list of permissions

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Comprehensive list of permissions

Postby astromac » 14. June 2006 18:50

I just installed XAMPP and I love it! Thank you for providing a nice webserver package.

I have a question, does anybody have a comprehensive list of the correct file owner, group and permissions for XAMPP? When you install XAMPP, everything assumes your OS X user permissions and you need to go back and change a few to get it working correctly.

It would be nice as a part of the install to be able to run a shell script that sets the correct file attributes in order to get XAMPP working correctly (and would probably result in a few less posts here by the look of things).

Anyway, if you have them could you email them to me or let me know how to get them?

Thanks again.

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Postby PF4 » 15. June 2006 07:39


install XAMPP as root and all will work fine :D (tar-version)
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