cookies issue with oscommerce on local box

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cookies issue with oscommerce on local box

Postby mamadillo » 10. April 2006 12:57

Hi :)

I have xampp set up on my laptop as a testbed for my online shop, but I can't add anything to the 'basket' when I'm testing, I'm lucky enough to have a live site that I never got round to developing so I can tinker around with the look of my html/php in combination then upload it to test how it functions. Obviously this is defeating the object a bit.

When I add to basket I get the 'cookie usage' page that's built in to oscommerce. It's not a broswer issue, have checked with 2 browsers and set local intranet zone security to 'low' in IE and there's no difference. So what do I do to change it?

Thanks in advance :)

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