what in thaaaaa ?

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what in thaaaaa ?

Postby sa3bin » 29. January 2006 02:36

i have NO clue what is going on...someone /anyone please..
my site is down, i havent changed anything within xampp config ..when i got to services and start xampp , i get this error...
" windows could not start the xampp service on local computer.for more information review the system even log.if this is a nin-microsoft service,contact the service vender.and refer to the error specific code 32 . "
:?: any ideas are GREATLY appreciated ! keeping in mind im a noob :roll:
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Postby sthosting » 29. January 2006 04:41

What OS are you runing ?
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Postby WorldDrknss » 29. January 2006 08:55

Aparently he is running Windows, stop all services reboot your computer and try restarting them, if that fails reboot into safe mode, once in reboot your computer into normal mode.

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thanks .....but.

Postby sa3bin » 29. January 2006 17:53

woke up, it was online so until it goes down again like it has been regularly for a week now i have no way to test your reply . lol, no since in aggravating it, its aggravating enough. question, what do you think happened? would like to know just for future knowledge... :?:
thanks for the quick reply.
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