cant start apache

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cant start apache

Postby raikegi » 20. September 2005 03:40

i'm wonderin y apache cant start through xampp control..when i click it it turns on for about 5-10 seconds and then turns off again...i've unpack xampp at c:\xampp...the dumb lab pc i use uses middle age technology(Pentium3,64mb ram)...can anybody xplain to me....thanks for spending your time on a lousy question
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Postby raikegi » 20. September 2005 09:56

when i execute xampp_start this comes out

Please wait [Bitte warten] .[Tue Sep 20 17:00:09 2005] [crit] (OS 10038)Socket o
peration on non-socket: make_sock: for address, apr_socket_opt_set:
no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs


when i did my port check,every port is free


Service Port Status
Apache (HTTP) 80 free
Apache (WebDAV) 81 free
Apache (HTTPS) 443 free

MySQL 3306 in use (endpoint is not available with this OS)

FileZilla (FTP) 21 free
FileZilla (Admin) 14147 free

Mercury (SMTP) 25 free
Mercury (POP3) 110 free
Mercury (IMAP) 143 free

can anybody telll me whut the f**k is endpoint not available with win98
but i can run mysql..just apache is still giving me problems...thanx 4 anybody's help...

from:an amateur
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Postby UBDead » 20. September 2005 18:41

well why don't you try to stop the mysql with mysql_stop.bat then run xampp_start.bat again it should work ok at that point
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