Spooky problem with images

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Spooky problem with images

Postby benwei » 02. August 2005 10:05

I am having a very strange problem with serving up images from Apache in XAMPP. Images of all formats over a certain size (haven't figured out exactly what this size is, somewhere between 100k and 1mb) only partially load. I've examined the image files, they are all fine when opened with external programs or when hosted on other server. I've tried several different browsers, and even connected to my server from another computer running OS X and have had the same problem. The amount of the image that transfers seems to be random, but never more than about half, and as I said before, the format of the image doesn't seem to matter.

I have never seen anything like this and I don't know where to even begin with debugging it. Can anyone offer any tips?

BTW, I'm running XAMPP 1.4.14 on Windows XP

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