configuring pear

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configuring pear

Postby charlie_h_ward » 04. June 2005 01:26


I am using XAMPP 1.4.9 on a windows XP box (using the windows installer). I have used XAMPP dozens of times and once installed I never have a problem with it. However I frequently encounter problems with configuring pear.

In this instance I have installed xampp in c:\zac\

Straight after install if I go to the php subfolder and type 'pear list' I get the following message:
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Warning: main(PEAR.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Config.php on line 21.  Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'PEAR.php' (include_path = 'C:\xarelease149\xampp\php\pear') in c:\zac\xampp\php\pear\PEAR\Config on line 21.

I have no idea why the include path is C:\xarelease149\xampp\php\pear. I don't know where that is coming from.

Anyway, I usually run go-pear immediately after install anyway so when I do this I get the following messsage:

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Warning: unlink(C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\gop18.tmp\PEAR.php: PERMISSION DENIED IN C:\zac\xampp\php\pear\go-pear.php on line 1081

Warning: rmdir(C:\WINDOWS\TEMP/gop18.tmp): Directory not empty in D:\ZAC\XAMPP\PHP\pear\go-pear.php on line 1085.

The install appears to fail because after runinng go-pear I still can't get a package listing e.g 'pear list'.

At the time I run this script I am connected to the net (I'm not sure if go-pear requires a connection or not).

I have had xampp installed on this computer before successfully (many many times). Part of me thinks these problems have something to do with residual registry entries or somesuch thing because sometimes this problem goes away if I completely rebuild my machine (which I am very loathe to do).

I really need some help with this: without XAMPP and PEAR I can't work!

I do not have service pack 2 installed (and in the past have not needed to).
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