PHP ODBC Support

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PHP ODBC Support

Postby Guillermo » 08. April 2005 20:47


I have a question. I need to get some information from a Interbase databse that its on a Windows Machine. I want to read the database from my intranet server that its running under Linux, obviously with XAMPP.
Now i finally configured unixODBC , with the Interbase Driver.
The problem is that when im trying to run a test script it tells me that the odbc functions are not supported, so i know that i need to change the php.ini and add the line;. the thing is that im trying to find the library for odbc and theres no library, but i read that for windows extensions odbc support its added by default, but can you tell me how can i recompile or add the ODBC support???

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Postby smalley » 22. March 2006 02:53

did you ever find a solution to this?
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