Unexpected DB connect errors

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Unexpected DB connect errors

Postby lloydchris » 19. January 2005 01:27

Os is WinXP Pro, running ZoneAlarm pro allowing all access. My problem is in Dreamweaver - I am unable to create a connection.

The error message is 404 file not found which could be caused by 1. No server running (not the case) or 2 testing server does not map to http://localhost/_MMServerScripts/MMHTTPDB.php URL.

I have rset the site, started a totally new site, uninstalled DW and then re-installed and tried again - still the same problem.

On checking the error logs in ther logs dir I find references to :
[Wed Jan 19 09:39:43 2005] [error] [client] File does not exist: C:/apachefriends/xampp/htdocs/CFIDE which seem to correspond with the times of trying to set a DW DB connection.

The frustrating thing is that all was working well 3 days ago. AFAIK I have made no conscoius changes to any config files.

I set up XAMPP today on my laptop (XP home and ZA free) and have the same problem making a DW connection.

Some suggestions would be appreciated.
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