cPanel settings for running alongside XAMPP-LAMPP?

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cPanel settings for running alongside XAMPP-LAMPP?

Postby mengland » 17. October 2004 21:39


I'm attempting to run cPanel and LAMPP 1.4.9a at the same time. Can this XAMPP forum provide any suggestions/pointers/references/comments?

The details follow in this thread:

In case you can't read this thread (because you don't have a cpanel login), here's some of the text....


-----------Included Text----------------------


Run XAMPP/LAMPP with cPanel?
I would like to run the Apache and mysqld servers from XAMPP/LAMPP along with running cPanel service at the same time:

WHM 9.9.0 cPanel 9.9.2-R7
RedHat 9 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0

Any suggestions? I am thinking of taking out the /etc/init.d/httpd and mysqld scripts and putting in /etc/init.d/lampp, but I'm worried about cpanel trying to restart the old apache and mysql servers and not the ones form /opt/lampp.

Is there a means for me to address all these things, either by pointing cpanel at the lampp stuff or getting cpanel to forget apache and mysql all together?



I've disabled the via my cPanel's Service Manager
(Main >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager, aka https://<>:2087/scripts/srvmng )

I'm hoping that I can now run apache and mysql from /opt/lampp without interference from cpanel while cpanel is running.

Any comments/thoughts/suggestions?

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