Xampp crash while quitting

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Xampp crash while quitting

Postby Timeless_prod » 29. July 2020 23:20

Hi everyone,

I've installed Xampp 2 days ago and start using MySQL to test my website's code. When I finish my work, I stop all the Xampp's services (Apache, MySQL,...) and then click on the quit button, but then I got 2 errors windows that both crash (I can't close them or click on the ok button).
One of them reads "Error: Cannot create file "C:\xampp\xampp-control.ini". Access Refused" and immediately the second one appear on top : "Exception EAccessViolation in module xampp-control.exe at 0025B2AE. Access violation at address 0065B2AE in module 'xampp-control.exe'. Read of address 00000042".

Immediately, they crash (windows start resolving issues and reads "xampp-control.exe not responding").

Can you tell me what does that mean and how to get rid of those errors every time I close Xampp.

Thank you !
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Re: Xampp crash while quitting

Postby Faela » 04. November 2020 23:37

I have this exact same problem and I was looking for a fix... Please if someone can help out let us know how to fix it
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Re: Xampp crash while quitting

Postby aniruddhad » 11. November 2020 14:14

Go to the folder C:\xampp
Right click
Security tab
Add "Everyone" user
Add Full Permissions
Then right click on the file C:\xampp\xampp-control.ini
Then right click file "xampp-control.ini" and repeat same permissions.

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