Increase server speed with PHP.INI settings?

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Increase server speed with PHP.INI settings?

Postby TomXampp » 25. August 2020 02:03

I have my public websites on a shared server that allows individual PHP.INI files to override various settings. My server speed (according to the Google Lighthouse/PageSpeed auditor) is slow. I'm wondering if there are any server configurations via PHP.INI that might be slowing the server speed that I might edit? What would you suggest? Are there certain settings that would be likely culprits that could be checked?

Any helpful suggestions are welcome.
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Re: Increase server speed with PHP.INI settings?

Postby pipinor » 22. February 2021 17:54

I look no one wrote the answer, it's a pity
I have a similar problem and cannot find in the settings how to change the speed
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Re: Increase server speed with PHP.INI settings?

Postby Altrea » 22. February 2021 18:07

There cannot be a speed setting in the php.ini. PHP will always run as fast as possible related to the system specs and all configurations.
So you cannot give a general strategy to increase the speed.
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