Subdomain and SSL Issues

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Subdomain and SSL Issues

Postby Phr3d13 » 19. September 2019 23:26

Ok, I'm having wicked problems with my subdomain... and I can't get things to work the way they're supposed to according to guides I've read. Can anyone help me? Using Xampp on a windows machine. Subdomain set to a folder outside htdocs. With one configuration, www keeps getting inserted to my TLD, causing things like google verification to fail. With the configuration I currently have, there's no www, but the subdomain isn't being loaded when it's address is used.
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Re: Subdomain and SSL Issues

Postby Nobbie » 20. September 2019 13:46

Phr3d13 wrote:Can anyone help me?


I dont know anything about your configuration, i dont know anything about your application. The only thing we know - something is going wrong.
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