[SOLVED] FTP access configuration?

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[SOLVED] FTP access configuration?

Postby moonwalker_repeat » 07. September 2019 05:47

Apologies if this has been covered in the past but surprisingly a search for "ftp" in the forum returns no results.

I have FTP configured and running on the Mac, but unsure of the settings (Mountain Lion). Terminal command confirms FTP is running and that it is ProFTPD from the Xampp installation. FTP is free to run through the firewall. What I can't seem to figure out even though I have had it running in the past, is how to get Filezilla to connect from Windows 10. It's probably a combination of settings not done right on both ends. Any help would be appreciated. I know I haven't offered much in the way of info yet but that's because I'm honestly not sure what's important to include and what isn't so feel free to ask away. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Turned out to be an internal configuration setting messing with the Mac's internet connection. Diagnostics on the Mac solved the issue. Thanks anyway. :D
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I'm setting up a proper server and only need advice to repair an old Xampp installation so I can move my sites safely without breaking them. Thanks for understanding.
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