Show content of a "POST Request" on a webpage

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Show content of a "POST Request" on a webpage

Postby mw42 » 19. August 2019 10:10

Hi there,

my application is able to send a "POST" requests to a webserver, containing certain parameters regarding its status.

How can I get my Apache to show a website containing this information? Is this only possible with JavaScript or something?

My application can detect its own status (on / off / error) and will send a POST request (with the correct status) to my apache server once every hour. I want to be able to show this status on a website (like with a colored box green / grey / red or something) and have that updated as soon as a new request is sent.

I do know HTML / CSS / WordPress / Typo3, but I am not very familiar with JavaScript and such.

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Re: Show content of a "POST Request" on a webpage

Postby Nobbie » 19. August 2019 13:13

JavaScript cannot show HTTP Server Variables, as it does not run on the Server, i.e. Apache does not know JavaScript in any way. JavaScript is executed by your local browser instead.

You need a server based Programming Language for that, for example PHP.
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