Unable to connect to localhost from iPhone

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Unable to connect to localhost from iPhone

Postby dreamstepxd » 01. June 2019 11:34

Hey guys,

I've been trying for 2 hours to connect to my web-project from iPhone. I'm using XAMPP and on macbook pro (MBP) I'm connecting via http://localhost:8080/foldername.

That being said, I needed to check how the website looks on iphone. I tried running ifconfig in terminal and it provided me with the next local ip. My XAMPP ip is:

I tried connecting to it on iphone using all kinds of ip's. For now, I tried: and, and

Nothing seemed to be working. The only thing I noticed was that it loaded for quite a long time before stopping.
Any ideas for fixes?

Best regards,
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Re: Unable to connect to localhost from iPhone

Postby Nobbie » 02. June 2019 17:52

You have to connect your iPhone via WLAN to your router - did you do so?

And: if you have a Xampp VM Version running (in a virtual machine), none of the IPs are working, as Xampp is running in a virtual machine. I dont know if there is portforwarding in Xampp for the VirtualMachine, but without it cannot work. What kind of Xampp do you run, native OSX oder Xampp VM?

FInally, you might have a firewall problem. I dont know IOS, neithe OSX if there is an active firewall preventing requests on Port 8080?!
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