Cannot start WordPress

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Cannot start WordPress

Postby BeverlyS » 11. December 2018 13:49

I have installed XAMPP successfully, and have apache running. I managed to get as far as opening the WordPress program. I forgot to record the path to the website which is installed locally and on my desktop.
I follow the path to htdocs-website1-wp-admin. I am presented with a list of WP files, but none of them get me to my website. I can also go to ht-docs and then to xampp to wordpress-admin with the same results.
I know the website is running because i was able to install a new theme when i went through the steps to set up a localhost initially.
What do I need to do to access the install :?:
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Re: Cannot start WordPress

Postby Nobbie » 11. December 2018 20:29

BeverlyS wrote:What do I need to do to access the install :?:

You have to remember what you did and where you installed WordPress. How can we know about that??

Why do you insert so many hyphens "-" in your explanation, where actually are no hyphens in real. That makes it bad to read and even more bad to understand. What is the idea of that?

And what do you mean by "I follow the path to ..."? How do you follow that path? Did you use the browser to do so? You CANNOT use the file explorer, you MUST use a browser and you MUST start at http://localhost. You also MUST leave out the htdocs path in your browser. Do you have any idea about Apache and the meaning of a DocumentRoot? Did you read the FAQs from Xampp?
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