Two instances / two PHP versions

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Two instances / two PHP versions

Postby tomasr » 22. October 2018 10:52

Hi everybody,
I am looking for solution for manage two PHP versions (5.3.6 and 7.1) in xampp a few days. I do not care if I will have 2 PHP versions in one xampp or 2 xampp installations with own PHP version, but I prefer two xampp instances.

I like this solution, where you have two installations. But can't manage it, becasuse many configs (php.ini for example) expect path in /opt/lampp, so change path to /opt/lampp5 or /opt/lampp7 is not possible. What more, expect /opt/lampp to and xampp folder in it. Iis something what I understood badly?

Other solution, is easier, but don't work as well.

Maybe is not problem these switchers, but directly two installations. When I launch xampp controller from /opt/lampp5 (or /opt/lampp7), in controller are not displayed any servers Image.

I will be grateful for the advice that will help me.
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