Access problem to Vtiger from other LAN PC

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Access problem to Vtiger from other LAN PC

Postby damorenot » 11. October 2018 23:03

Hello guys,

I installed a XAMPP v3.2.2 in my server which run a Windows server 2008 R2 operating system and installed Vtiger 7.1 CRM, in the server it open correctly with localhost/vtigercrm but when I try to open it from other PC in the LAN it isn't open. I write http://IP_Server/vtigercrm and the PC translate it to localhost/vtigercrm and doesn't open.

No se puede conectar

Firefox no puede establecer una conexión con el servidor en localhost.

El sitio podría estar no disponible temporalmente o demasiado ocupado. Vuelva a intentarlo en unos momentos.
Si no puede cargar ninguna página, compruebe la conexión de red de su equipo.
Si su equipo o red están protegidos por un cortafuegos o proxy, asegúrese de que Firefox tiene permiso para acceder a la web.

Help me! What can I do to solve it?
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Re: Access problem to Vtiger from other LAN PC

Postby Altrea » 12. October 2018 07:39

That is a vtiger issue, not a xampp issue.
Somewhere in your application is defined what the base url is and this is set to localhost.
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