Irgendwelche Probleme mit XAMPP für Mac OS X? Dann ist hier genau der richtige Ort um nachzufragen. edit?

Postby barda » 02. July 2018 21:11

Hi there -

I'm following a tutorial that first had me set a database password for my root localhost account, then asked me to go to to change it. I have been unsuccessful in doing so.

What have I tried:
1. Editing the file using the command from this Stack Overflow, received 'permission denied':
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sudo nano
2. Editing the permissions on the file using this command from a link recommended in the stack overflow:
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chmod 0755, permission denied

I checked with a more knowledgeable friend, who pointed out that I don't own it.

3. So I opened the terminal that comes with XAMPP, but there is nothing in it that behaves like a directory.
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root@debian:~# ls -a
.  ..  .bash_history  .bashrc  .profile  .ssh  bitnami-first-boot-123456
root@debian:~# cd bitnami-first-boot-123456
-bash: cd: bitnami-first-boot-123456: Not a directory

I'm just ... lost. This tutorial, and the udemy course that follows it, all use XAMPP, but I can't seem to edit the file at all. Any thoughts, folks?
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Re: edit?

Postby TonyVier » 04. July 2018 09:36

sudo chown root:root
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Re: edit?

Postby Nobbie » 04. July 2018 10:20

TonyVier wrote:sudo chown root:root

That makes it even worse...


sudo chmod 0666

but it might be possible, that even this command fails. The problem is, you are working with the XAMPP-VM version (why??) and that is installed like a netdrive in a virtually mounted device. Usually the file permissions in network drives are set at mounting time and cannot be changed after (even noot by root).

I recommend to de-install totally the XAMPP-VM version, instead install one of the other "normal" versions (there are at least three or four non-VM versions, only one VM version). These install simply into your /Applications folder and are much easier to handle.
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Re: edit?

Postby barda » 06. July 2018 18:34

Thank you both for replying! (And ugh, only just now caught my spelling error in the post title. Facepalm, facepalm, facepalm.) I wasn't aware that I'd installed the VM version. I've uninstalled and will reinstall accordingly. Thanks for the tip!
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Re: edit?

Postby gordonhwangyong » 06. November 2019 09:36

I made It work like this.

1. launch
2.Open terminal
3.change owner and permission
chown root:root
chmod 0666
4.edit and save
5. reset permission
chmod -R 755
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