Can't create any files in htdocs

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Can't create any files in htdocs

Postby tabalugas » 05. June 2018 10:20

I have the latest version of XAMPP VM for Mac OS downloaded. Its starts perfectly, I can access xampp on-board site in my browser etc.

I've mounted a virtual volume, going to my htdocs folder to upload files and it just stuck there. I got information that files are prepared to being copied and not a long after get a message - "Server connections interrupted". It's definitely not a permissions issue, I've changed all folders permissions in htdocs to 777.

To be even more enigmatic, I'm able to create new folders in there.

Anybody come across the same issues and know how to fix it?
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Re: Can't create any files in htdocs

Postby dopazoma » 17. October 2018 16:33

I have the same problem, I want to move files to the /opt/xampp/ folder.
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