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Postby sabian » 27. October 2006 19:06

Please advise how to request a change to my user name.

Thank you!
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Postby Oswald » 27. October 2006 23:50

Dear Keith!

Please send me a private message containing your favorite user name.

Many greetings
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Re: Username

Postby spookybathtub » 14. May 2018 21:26

Hello. I would also like to change my username, but there is no link to send you a PM on your profile, Oswald.
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Re: Username

Postby Nobbie » 15. May 2018 10:10

Oswald isnt member in this forum for a very very long time (you see, the last post dates from 2006!). You should contact Bitnami instead, which overtook Xampp since many years.
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