Apache won't start

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Apache won't start

Postby Davidmesman » 26. April 2018 07:29

Apache won't start, I get an error that says that I have a blocked port, missing dependencies, improper privileges, etc..
I checked all the logs but couldn't find anything for this error.
This is my error log from Xampp:
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Re: Apache won't start

Postby Nobbie » 26. April 2018 11:44

Why did you install Xampp to c:/xampp_new? Is there still an installation in c:/xampp? That maybe the reason for the problems, you cannot run different instances of Apache/MySQL
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Re: Apache won't start

Postby engr.nasiruddin » 29. April 2018 11:36

I have the same problem but my installation c:/xampp? what's wrong with the fact?
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XAMPP version: v3.2.2
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