Unable to install wordpress module

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Unable to install wordpress module

Postby s_hsu » 26. February 2018 14:27

Hey! I have installed XAMPP sucessfully. But when I proceed to install worpress module, I get stuck on "choosing the folder" step. I typed in /Applications/XAMPP or other folders, and keep receiving message "That folder does not seem to contain a valid installation of Bitnami, the properties.ini file is missing. Please specify a valid Bitnami directory or download the Bitnami platform from bitnami.com. "

What did I do wrong? Please help me. Thx!
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Re: Unable to install wordpress module

Postby Nobbie » 27. February 2018 10:38

You did not install a standard Xampp installation for OSX. You either did not install any Xampp, or you did install Xampp-VM, which does not fit this requirement (it runs in a virtual environment, you need real environment instead). Simply install Xampp (and de-install Xampp-VM, if you had installed it) and try again.
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