Copying files to htdocs very slow

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Copying files to htdocs very slow

Postby barbmk » 23. January 2018 00:00


I'm trying to install Wordpress locally. I'm using Xampp for that but copying the Wordpress files to htdocs is taking forever. It took 9 minutes to copy 113kb!

I keep getting a message that says "server connection interrupted. Root" but no idea what that means.

I've installed Wordpress locally in the past and had no problems. Not sure what's happening now. Can anyone help? I've spent a long time trying to find an answer on Google but had no luck.

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Re: Copying files to htdocs very slow

Postby szhenry » 31. January 2018 08:49

me too
need help!
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Re: Copying files to htdocs very slow

Postby Stevie » 05. February 2018 22:27


27.2 MB WordPress folder - says it will take 18 hours. Cannot find a solution. All my digging kept leading back to this post...

Running High Sierra 10.13.3 and most recent version of xampp for mac.

Admittedly a noob.

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Re: Copying files to htdocs very slow

Postby Amrita73 » 10. February 2018 15:58

I have exactly the same problems copying the wordpress folder into htdocs. It takes agaes and I have tried three times. I might try to get round this by copying the zipped folder and unzipping in Xampp, I don't know if this will help. There is literally nothing happening.
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Re: Copying files to htdocs very slow

Postby Nobbie » 11. February 2018 11:50

All of you: you installed Xampp-VM (VirtualMachine), simply instead install one of the "normal" installations and everything runs fine.
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Re: Copying files to htdocs very slow

Postby toastrackenigma » 20. February 2018 06:30

It seems to be much faster copying individual files vs folders with a large amount of files in them. Hence, a temporary solution could be to ZIP the folder that you want to copy, copy the ZIP file to the LAMPP stack, and then unzip it.

For me, this cut an estimated time of 18 hours to copy 33MB down to just a couple of seconds.

To unzip the file, it may appear preferable to use the command line rather than Archive Utility, as the latter crashed for me. You can find instructions on how to do that here:
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