PCRE without UTF support but why?

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PCRE without UTF support but why?

Postby reza.irdev » 29. May 2017 07:46

I've installed Xampp on ubuntu 16 on /opt/lampp. today when i installing wordpress it says "WordPress database error: [Got error 'this version of PCRE is compiled without UTF support at offset 0' from regexp]"
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pcretest -C
from lampp/bin folder here is the result:
PCRE version 8.40 2017-01-11
Compiled with
8-bit support
No UTF-8 support
No Unicode properties support
No just-in-time compiler support
Newline sequence is LF
\R matches all Unicode newlines
Internal link size = 2
POSIX malloc threshold = 10
Parentheses nest limit = 250
Default match limit = 10000000
Default recursion depth limit = 10000000
Match recursion uses stack

How i can install PCRE with UTF support?
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Re: PCRE without UTF support but why?

Postby Nobbie » 29. May 2017 11:07

1. Download PCRE 8.40 from https://sourceforge.net/projects/pcre/f ... p/download
2. Unzip the package, start a terminal and "cd .." into the new folder pcre-8.40
3. Run "configure" with appropriate options: ./configure --prefix=/opt/lampp --enable-utf8 --enable-unicode-properties
4. Then run "make"
5. Then run "sudo make install"

Reboot your Linux and restart Xampp.
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