How to find owner of "HTTP daemon user" for Ubuntu

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How to find owner of "HTTP daemon user" for Ubuntu

Postby ttodd » 19. April 2017 02:22

I'm new to Ubuntu and I'm trying to follow some instructions and I'm lost. Just recently installed Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 and then installed XAMPP v5.6.30. Now I'm trying to follow some instructions that aren't specifically meant for Ubuntu. The instructions are basically saying that I need to change ownership to the HTTP daemon user. It goes on to say on Ubuntu it is usually apache. So the command given to execute is

sudo chown -R apache RaspberryPints/

when I execute this I get an error saying chown: invalid user: 'apache'

So now I'm trying to determine what the proper user should be instead of apache. I've tried a few others and the chown command works OK but when I try to run the following from my browser
I get an Object not found error

After doing the git as instructed - it seems to have put the RaspberryPints folder in Home/tom

Any guidance would be appreciated
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