Site access denied to the back end

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Site access denied to the back end

Postby prince2552 » 01. February 2017 22:34

I'm sorry for my english.

I installed xampp v.5.6.30.

I transferred a joomla site from remote to local using Akeeba backup and akeeba kickstart.

The site is operating normally but you can not access the back-end of the site.
The address localhost / / administrator of error: You can not reach the page.

You can help me.
Thank you
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Re: Site access denied to the back end

Postby Nobbie » 02. February 2017 11:44

Do you belleve this is a general Xampp issue?
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Re: Site access denied to the back end

Postby encoder » 06. February 2017 02:07

This may be a joomla application issue. It might be more appropriate to post the issue there.

Your joomla instance may have previously sat at the root level of the host. "localhost / / administrator"

Make sure that on your local host, you have not installed joomla in a sub-folder off-of root/.
Example: // localhost/
If you did this, then you would have to access the backend like this: // localhost/
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