XAMPP 5.6.20 control panel taskbar icon is blank page

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XAMPP 5.6.20 control panel taskbar icon is blank page

Postby jahodson3 » 05. May 2016 20:12

I just installed XAMPP 5.6.20 on my Dell XPS 15 Windows 10 machine. I've used several previous versions for local WP & PHP development and love it.

However, with this install I noticed that when I open the XAMPP control panel and the control panel comes up, instead of getting the orange X icon in my taskbar, the icon in the taskbar shows as a blank dog-eared page. The control panel works normal, but the icon on the taskbar is simply unrecognizable.

Is this normal now? I know it's minor but was just worried that if that is not working as designed, then perhaps other things about my installation might be messed up?

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